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Mae I.

East Bay, CA

The Original Rodent Proofers are very customer service oriented. When I requested a quote, an appointment was scheduled within the week. As I recall, the appointment could have been sooner, but I couldn't make the proposed date. The quote is emailed within a day. They inspect the house thoroughly and know all nooks where rats can enter.

Extensive work was performed in our attic and crawl space. Unfortunately, the rats did quite a bit of damage so the insulation in the attic had to be replaced. They took photos to show the feces so that we would know the extent of the problem. When they arrived, there must have been about 6 people. They work in teams so that they can efficiently do the work in a day. We have a RV parked on the side of our house with an electrical cord to the RV. They did not tell us to remove the cord, which would have been easier. The cord causes a small gap under the garage door. Instead, they installed a metal strip to eliminate the gap as an entry point.

Three follow-up appointments were scheduled immediately after the work was done. The follow-up visits are to check the traps. After the last visit, you can have them take the traps or you can leave them. So far, we haven't heard any noises indicating the rat problem has returned. Our work was done about 2 months ago.

You know how people say to call if you have any questions but hope that you don't...well, I did call with a question and the person was very helpful, and it did not appear that she wished that I did not call. It seemed that she was truly concerned with answering my questions fully.

Diane F.

Alamo, CA

We just purchased a town home and our home inspector let us know that there was a live rat in the crawl space, and large openings all along the front and back of our unit. The owner admitted (after the close of escrow) that he had trapped rats before, and even a raccoon or skunk.

After hearing the severity of the problem, I immediately reached out to Yelp and the Original Rodent Proofers responded within 10 minutes - on a weekend! I got a free consultation for the next day, and Melissa did an amazing job showing me photos and describing the issue. The news that we had a major problem was disturbing, but expected based on the previous owner's comments, plus the home inspector, and a well-known franchise that also came out and said they couldn't handle the job because of its severity.

Melissa validated what the other company had told me - that we needed to establish a barrier between the front/back of our units and our crawl space, and also between the units to our left and right. However, she explained why a concrete slab is better than boarding up the openings as another company suggested, and gave me a quote including a 5-year guarantee.

It is expensive to have the job done thoroughly, but they were willing to work with me so I could pay for it all. They also scheduled me for the service just 3 days after the consultation since I did not want to move into the unit until everything was done.

They are coming tomorrow, so I'll recap how the actual service goes, but I am very thankful for their expediency and informative explanations of the problem/necessary solutions. Melissa is also the most helpful and genuine service person I've ever met! I knew I could trust her that Original Rodent Proofers will thoroughly do the job that needs to be done.