Put a Barrier Between Yourself and Pesky Rodents

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Did you find rodent droppings in your kitchen? Do you keep uncovering rodent nests in your garage? If you think you have a rodent infestation, call on The Original Rodent Proofers for effective rodent control services. We've been eliminating rodents for people in Concord, CA and surrounding areas for years.

Avoid rodent issues in your home. Hire The Original Rodent Proofers for rodent control services as soon as possible.

Why Choose Us?

Zinzele G.


The Original Rodent Proofers is an excellent company. When they say no frills or gimmicks, they truly mean it. Mike did our inspection and we ended up talking to him for some time. He answered all of our questions and educated us on everything that needed to be done, what shouldn't be done, and why. Mike made us feel really comfortable. We made the right choice by going with The Original Rodent Proofers over the other estimates we received. We were not asked to sign up for a monthly service for them to guarantee their work. It's automatic, which is refreshing these days. Adrien worked on our house a few days after the inspection and he was very thorough. He walked me though everything he did and showed me his work. He took pictures of the hard to reach places and so that I could see the work, which I really appreciated. If you are looking for a company that will get in and get the job done at an affordable price, I highly recommend The Original Rodent Proofers.

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Jerolyn S.


Excellent customer care. Technicians made arrival as scheduled, proper mask and social distancing, respectful of property owner and property, following the work, every detail with clean-up was taken. I am very confident that the measures taken to prevent further rodent damage has been addressed. The high quality of your workmanship really shines! Our follow-up visit with Sean was also efficient and professional. Great company standards. Thank you.

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Mike R.


After a not so good experience with a less than honest rodent proofing company, I'm so glad that I called Original Rodent Proofers. Their salesman didn't use scare tactics to try to close the deal. He was completely upfront about what it would take to get the house sealed up.

The job involved going around the entire roof and sealing up the holes that led into the home as well and doing the same at ground level. No longer do I have to leave my office because the rats and squirrels are running around over my head. They set a bunch of traps inside the attics in case any of them were trapped inside. After a couple weeks, it appears that we're rat free.

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Rodents can damage your home and spread disease. Ignoring the infestation now can lead to costly repairs and multiple health issues down the road. Protect yourself and your home from a rodent infestation by trusting The Original Rodent Proofers in Concord, CA and surrounding areas for:

We'll also remove and replace damaged insulation as necessary. To stop a rodent infestation before it starts, choose The Original Rodent Proofers for prevention services. Call us right away to schedule an appointment.

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Keeping your home rodent-free is our top priority

We're Proud to Be a Family Owned Business

Our Process

We keep the process simple, affordable, and timely. First we come to your home and provide a free inspection and give you a detailed estimate with photos.
Next, we locate the entry points for the rodents to penetrate. Then we present a bid in writing along with pictures and scope of work. Our normal turn around time is 7-10 days.

Poison and Chemical Free

Our company provides a service which includes cleaning out, flushing out, and sealing out all rodents with construction grade materials without the use of harsh chemicals. Offering a permanent and final solution by playing a barrier between your family's home and rodents outside

Local and Family Owned

We strive to treat out customers like family. With 29+ years of experience, we have had the opportunity to set the bar and standards high in the rodent proofing industry throughout the entire Bay Area. NO GIMMICKS JUST GREAT SERVICE.