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I contacted TORP a few weeks ago, along with 3 other firms. All 4 firms were close in price (+/- $100). We decided to go with TORP for two reasons:
1) DJ, the representative who assessed the job, was the only rep who identified that we have an in-ground rodent population that may be tunneling under the foundation. Only one other rep identified the external population.
2) DJ suggested a rat slab to address possible tunneling; he also suggested holding off on making that investment to see if tunneling occurs after the proofing is done. The other rep offered a spray that would need to be used weekly.

DJ's honesty, and TORPs willingness to do a slab won the deal.
The day befoe we were to have the insulation removed & the attic cleaned, Andrea (office manager) contacted me because the crew had been held over on another job and would not be able to make the planned date. Because I had scheduled an HVAC installation the week following, it was critical that the proofing be done during the scheduled week.
Andrea convinced the crew to work the Saturday before a long weekend (she should negotiate mid-east peace). We had a few more bobbles along the way, but Andrea's professionalism and killer customer service chops came through.
I would recommend The Original Rodent Proofers to my friends, family and neighbors.


Oakland, CA

This review is long overdue but the process takes time with a lot of follow-up so I wanted to see how effective the Original Rodent Proofers were and nearly 8 months in, I have to say that these guys are true to their word.
I bought a house that sat vacant for over 4 months which is like a haven for rats. Rats are incredibly relentless creatures and will find any weakness to get into your house. I had an infestation and my house was built on piers instead of a cement foundation which meant rats could get into my crawlspace and home literally at any point just by digging a bit under the wall. I found out that It's not enough to just set a couple traps or poison bait - you have to plug every possible entry point.
The very first inspection was Shannon who did an extensive walk-through top to bottom and went over what the best options were. After explaining and showing me all of the vulnerable areas and seeing all the rat tunnels, I ended up cementing the floor of my crawlspace that spanned the entire footprint of the house, as well as replace insulation and sanitize affected areas. The cost was high, but seeing the quality of work and the follow-up provided, it was worth EVERY penny.
I must have met at least a dozen people from the Original Rodent Proofers: Anthony, Brandon, DJ, Angel, Lorenzo who all did the rat proofing and follow-up checks and Melissa and Andrea in the office who helped with all the scheduling. They were all fantastic and never once did they make you feel rushed and were all incredibly thorough.
8 months and a ton of work later - I haven't seen or heard a rat or any evidence of them. I was a skeptic but it looks like these guys won the war. If I happen to see or hear any in the future, I know these guys are just a call away.

J R.

Dublin, CA

We had a horrible infestation from the day we moved into our home nearly 3 years ago. We initially signed up for a monthly service with Clark Pest control. However, the problem never seemed to get under control. On 2 separate occasions Clark sold us on having them seal our home as the answer. No luck... problems persisted.
Finally I called the folks at The Original Rodent Proofers desperate to rid our home of unwanted guests. Anthony came out and did a detailed inspection. He pointed out numerous points of entry. Further, he detailed why the dry soil (due to the drought) had created an environment where pests would tunnel in from below. The bid was NOT cheap - but it did come with a guarantee and the crew seemed to be certain that they could solve the issue. Desperate for relief, we moved ahead with them.
Sensing our frustration, and the seriousness of the problem, the folks at Rodent Proofers moved our project up to get started right away. Over the next few days they sent in crews that stripped away all contaminated insulation and left no area untouched with regards to sealing everything. Once sealed and sanitized, another crew cemented the entire substructure of the home to insure that nothing could tunnel in from below. These guys were INCREDIBLY thorough and hardworking. Their methods of sealing the home were thoughtful and permanent (Clark often stuffed steal wool into cracks and crevasses) One young man JB (who is one of the hardest working guys I have ever met) literally spent hours up on my roof sealing every spot imaginable.

Months later - we still are free of pests. Something that we could not have imagined at the height of the problem. As I mentioned, this came at a cost. But WELL worth it. Looking back, we spent just as much for 2+ years of a monthly service + multiple costly and unsuccessful efforts with the big name Pest control outfits. Clark never actually solved the problem... but simply provided a poor service of maintenance and removal. I wish I would have found Anthony and Brandon from the start as it ultimately would have solved the problem and relieved us of a really crummy situation far sooner. HIGHLY recommend these folks.

Marc M.

Danville, CA